Community Profile

Sitting on the shores of a beautiful Killarney Lake, the Town of Killarney is a thriving community with a population of just over 2500 people. Killarney is located at the junction of Highway 3 and 18 in the Westman Region of the province, 1-hour from Brandon, the region's largest city, and 300 kilometres from the provincial capital, Winnipeg.

The Killarney area is rich in history and tradition. In the late 1800's, the Boundary Commission Trail ran just south of the community. Northwest Mounted Police used the trail, as they traveled west to the Rockies in an effort to tame the prairies. Prior to this time, the area was home to many Native People, as well as, hunters and trappers taking part in the fur trade.

Killarney was officially incorporated into town status in 1906. An Irish land surveyor named John Sidney O'Brien, named Killarney Lake. Legend has it that as he sat on the shore of the lake, homesick for his native home, he took a bottle of "Good Irish" from his pack and pouring it into the lake, christened it Killarney.

The residents and town council have kept up the Irish tradition of the area with green fire engines, Erin and Kerry Parks, Little Irish Downs, and many other good Irish names. The local landscape of the Killarney area is common to the Westman area and much of the southern province. The land is mainly flat with gently rolling hills breaking the horizon. Numerous tree-lined rivers and streams cross the landscape breaking up the vast farm fields. The area is rich in agriculture with many local residents actively farming.

Economic Base
Agriculture and tourism combine to give Killarney and surrounding area a stable economic base. The town serves as a business and trading centre, for a large area and a growing number of people. Many businesses on the edge of town provide sales of seed, inputs and equipment to the local farming community. A host of agricultural related services are also available in and around town.

With its close proximity to Killarney Lake and other vacation destinations in southwestern Manitoba, the town also has a strong base in the tourism sector. Many of the properties on Killarney Lake are seasonal cottages and weekend retreats for the people of Brandon and other local centres. Motels and restaurants in town provide food and lodging to the many visitors who come to the area each year.

Killarney has been voted the best retirement town in Canada by Canadian Living Magazine. The town works hard to maintain this reputation and the business community in Killarney provides most all essential goods and services to local residents.

Major Attractions
The Lakeside Golf Course is one of the biggest attractions in Killarney. The course was first built in 1920 by a group of local businessmen. Grass greens were installed in 1965 and over the years, many other upgrades have been performed including a new clubhouse with complete dining, lounge and banquet facilities. Nine extra holes were constructed in 1994, bringing the course to 18.

The Killarney Shoppers Mall, a 50,000 square foot indoor shopping facility, is one of the few indoor malls in rural Manitoba. The mall houses many shops and businesses, and provides a comfortable walking place for exercise during the cold winter months.

The Shamrock Sports Park, formerly the Agricultural Grounds, was originally an experimental station from 1915 to 1946. The park is the home the Heritage House, the curling rink, several baseball diamonds, the fair barns and The Little Irish Downs.

The town boasts many other cultural and recreational activities and events throughout the year. Killarney also has a number of organized sports and recreational programs for all ages. From minor sports like hockey, soccer and baseball, to senior's programs and clubs, there is something in Killarney for everyone. Check out the new Shamrock Centre online for the latest information on sports, recreational programs and other organized activities - Check out the new Shamrock Centre online with the latest recreation information for Killarney and the surrounding area.