The Municipality of Killarney - Turtle Mountain is governed by a Mayor and six councillors.

Killarney - Turtle Mountain Mayor & Council

Janice Smith, Mayor
Janice moved to Killarney in 1996, from Brandon. Her husband Paul, son Payton and herself were thrilled to come and live in this rural area. Janice works in town and enjoys meeting the public. She loves to garden and she takes advantage of all the lakeside activities Killarney has to offer. Janice has volunteered for many community events and groups and looks forward to serving the community in her new term. Janice was elected to Council in October, 2014, re-elected to Council in October, 2018, and elected to Mayor by acclamation in October, 2022.

Greg Ericson, Councillor 
Greg was elected to Council October, 2018, and re-elected as Councillor by acclamation in October, 2022.  He is originally from Wetaskiwin, AB and after joining the RCMP in 1988, he was posted to Manitoba.  Over his 26 year career with the RCMP he served in 8 different communities and sections of the RCMP spanning the provinces of MB and AB.  Greg served in Melita, Gypsumville, Killarney, Integrated Border Enforcement (after 9/11), Melita again as a Cpl, Brooks, AB as a Sgt., Professional Standards in Wpg HQ, and Virden as a S/Sgt.  Greg retired in the fall of 2013 and in 2014 moved back to Killarney.  Greg & his wife Dawn currently live in Killarney and he currently works as a Public Servant for the RCMP.  They have 3 children, Benjamin, Melissa and Kaitlyn (Matthew) and 2 grandchildren.  Greg currently sits on the Killarney Justice Committee in Killarney which he helped organize while stationed in Killarney in 1999.

Joan Kemp, Councillor 
Elected to Council in October, 2014, re-elected to Council in October, 2018, and re-elected as Councillor by acclamation in 2022. Joan and her husband Keith own an acreage in the rural ward of the Municipality where they reside and operate their businesses.  Joan grew up on a mixed farm operation between the communities of Fairfax and Minto.  She graduated from Boissevain School and then worked and continued her education in Winnipeg.  She moved to Killarney in 1973.  She worked for the Turtle Mountain School Division, in retail sales, a business partnership and then for the Town of Killarney and the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain for 22+ years.  She retired from that position in 2011.

Gary King, Councillor
Elected to Council October, 2018, and re-elected as Councillor by acclamation in October, 2022. Gary was born and raised in Killarney.  He has farmed in Turtle Mountain since his teen years. Gary continues to grain farm along with welcoming the challenges that come along with being on Council.  Gary and his wife Hazel have two adult sons, Aaron and Brett.

Rick Pauls, Councillor

Served one term as Councillor and ran in By-Election for Mayor and was elected in June, 2007. Rick has been involved with the hospitality industry for 20 years, recently becoming the first in the province to expand a local franchise, Chicken Delight to become Blarney Stone Pub & Restaurant.   Rick sits on the board of the Killarney Town Boosters, President of Killarney Shoppers Mall, President of Killarney Food Services, President of J.J. Marc Property Management.  Rick was re-elected as Mayor on October 27, 2010, October, 2014, and October 28, 2018.  Rick was elected by acclamation as Councillor in October, 2022.

Jane Ireland, Councillor

Jane was elected as Councillor by acclamation in October, 2022.

Jaret Box, Councillor

Jaret was appointed as Councillor by Council in November, 2022.